About Futurite

Futurite aims to bring high quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education to school students in India. Our mission is to use cutting-edge technologies such as Robotics and 3D Printing to impart a thorough grounding in STEM subjects and concepts to school students while making their learning experience fun, engaging and hands-on. Futurite has been operating in Dubai successfully (as Premier Genie) since a number of years, working with over 25 of the top international schools and teaching 1000+ students. Futurite has been founded by alumni from IIT, IIM, JU and HEC Paris.


Robotics Lego Mindstorm

Robotics is a fascinating educational tool to bring to life abstract concepts in science, technology, engineering and maths. Using the versatile LEGO MINDSTORM Education kits, students will learn to build intricate robots to solve complex problems. In addition to acquiring technical and scient...

3D Design & Printing

3D designing and printing

3D Printing technology is transforming the world of manufacturing. From chocolates to airplanes, 3D printing technology now touches numerous aspects of our lives. The future belongs to those who can ‘think in 3D’. Our programs help students get hands-on with this amazing, futuristic...


Coding scratch programming

Coding is now considered to be the new literacy. With digital technologies being all pervasive, the ability to manipulate software to do what we want will be a basic skill in the near future. Kids as young as 4 are learning to code in various countries. Give your child a head-start in acquiring this ...



Mathematics is the bed-rock of all scientific and technological innovation and a solid base in Maths is essential to be successful in the future. Our sophisticated programs help both struggling learners as well as high performers to get their concepts crystal clear and excel in Mathematics for a bright...

Workshops on Robotics, 3D Printing and Coding for Kids

372D Prince Anwar Shah Road, Jodhpur Garden,Opp. South City Mall, Hero Honda lane.
Every Sunday, 11 am. to 1 pm.

+91 9836440704

I thought robots were only to be stared at in the movies, but now I am learning how to CREATE one! It is so much fun! I love my Robotics classes. My concentration levels have increased amazingly and I am loving solving problems. I want to teach Robotics, someday.

Aritro Kar

I appreciate your effort and also thank you wholehearted for creating enthusiasm amongst my kids for the subjects. Both my sons are eagerly waiting to join your classes.

Sumanta Biswas

Got exposure to an entire new concept of thinking and implementing for the benefit of humankind.

Shuvraneel Mitra

Great exposure for the kids. I really liked it.

Arnab Dutta

Truly impressed. I found the instruction method and technology really good.

Nirmalya Chakraborty

Wonderfully structured, friendly instructor - just the course we were looking for.

Jaydeep Ray

Our Centers

  • 01. South City

    372D Prince Anwar Shah Road, Jodhpur Garden,
    Opp South City Mall, Near Silver Line Eye Hospital,
    Kolkata - 700045

    +91 98364 40704
    +91 98364 40704
  • 02. New Town

    Downtown mall, Uni World City,F-131 ,
    Near Tata Memorial Hospital
    Kolkata - 700156

    +91 9836440704
  • 03. Bhawanipur

    Big Little Ideas
    43/1/1, Chakraberia Road (North)
    Ground floor, Neelkanth Building
    Next to Jeevanjyoti Pharmacy
    Kolkata - 700 020

  • 04. Gariahat

    Wings activity center,
    1st Floor, Near Gariahat
    Opposite Ekdaliya road,
    Kolkata - 700029

    98314 61026